Our Story

I have always loved a great smelling candle!! I also have always wondered what it takes to make a candle. Thanks to COVID, I have been working from home. I started making candles as just a hobby to keep myself busy.

The company was founded in August 2020. My love for candles sparked my curiosity in how candles are made. I ordered a candle making kit and made 6 candles and gave them to select family and friends. They all came back suggesting that I sell the candles that I make. While making those candles, I found a new passion. Candles are soothing, so I want to make candles that soothe the soul.

I am also an Army veteran.

Each candle is made using soy wax and the fragrance is made using essential oils. Once each candle is made, they sit to cure for at least 2 days before a purchase or it is shipped.


Tomika Leverett, Owner & Founder