The Beginning

The Beginning

I have always been an avid candle lover.  I really enjoy how the scent from the candle can destress me and cheer me up after a long and stressful day.  I am an Army Veteran who suffers from PTSD, anxiety, and depression.  At the start of the Pandemic last year, I was in therapy doing some mental work on myself.  My day job had us shut down work in the office and work from home (we are still working from home).  I live alone, with the exception of my dog, Cutie.

During a therapy session, I told my therapist that I was having a hard time being shut in my home all day everyday and was feeling my anxiety and depression trying to take over my life. She suggested I find a hobby to help distract me from the feeling of being lonely and isolated.  I always wondered what goes into making a candle.  So, I did a little research.

In my research, I looked up what goes into the candles of some of my favorite brands and was shocked to find out what they use.  I get it, you want your cost of goods made to be a low as possible to increase your profit margin, but there are some toxic ingredients in candles that are typically purchased from a store or online from that same company.  I wanted to make sure that I created products that are all natural and eco-friendly.  So far, business has been good and I am just looking forward to watching the company grow!!




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